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    At Central Florida Eye Center, P.A., we believe in a personalized approach to fitting eyewear.  We call it “Lifestyle Dispensing”.  With thousands of different lens materials and designs from which to chose, it is important to pair your eyewear to your lifestyle and visual needs. 
Designing the optimal eyewear for you begins in the exam room with our doctors and then continues in our optical with our knowledgeable dispensing technicians.  During the fitting process we will need to take some time to get to know you.  Once we have a feel for how you use your eyes during the day and what your favorite leisure activities are then we are ready to make some recommendations! 

    Did you know that there are lens materials that are significantly thinner and lighter than plastic?  Did you know that your progressive lenses can be custom made to your prescription and frame size to give you the clearest vision at all distances?  Did you know that some progressive lens designs are better for the computer while some are better for watching TV?  We will happily take the time to discuss all of these advancements in lens technology with you!  We believe that when you are fully educated about your options you can make the best decisions about what will work for you.  You see, it is all about a personalized approach. When it comes to eyewear, one size does not fit all!